A Terrible Diagnosis: What Should I Do if I Have Erectile Dysfunction!

Erectile dysfunction is an ingenious disease, which can strike even young and seemingly healthy men. However, this diagnosis often becomes a surprise party for many stronger sex representatives. When a man first faces the symptoms of ED, he usually feels lost and frustrated. But is there really a reason for a panic? Of course, ED is a very annoying condition. But it is not untreatable, and if you do everything timely and correctly, you have a good chance to cure it completely. And for this, you need to know how to behave when you suspect ED. Here are some basic rules for you to consider.

Rule 1. Don’t Waste Your Time

The earlier you start treating ED, the higher your chances for success will be. It is unreasonable to hope that the problem will disappear by itself. So if you experience ED symptoms, don’t wait for them to worsen; go to a specialist. Of course, you can be mistaken, and what you’ve considered to be erectile dysfunction, can turn out to be just a temporary disorder on the background of permanent fatigue or something else. But it is better to be mistaken than to miss a serious disorder, isn’t it?

Rule 2. Choose the Right Specialist

A Terrible Diagnosis: What Should I Do if I Have Erectile Dysfunction!Needless to say that to get the best result you need help of a qualified, competent health professional. But the problem is that many men even don’t know what specialist treats ED, and who they should address to.

Generally, you can start from your GP. Just tell him about the symptoms, and he will give you further instructions. Depending on the situation, he will send you to one of the following specialists:

  • An urologist. This specialist treats disorders of the urinary system in men and women, as well as all types of the reproductive system disorders in men. He can put a diagnosis “erectile dysfunction” and prescribe drug for its treatment. In the majority of cases, men are sent to an urologist.
  • An andrologist. Unlike an urologist, this specialist is not engaged in the treatment of women at all. He specializes in all types of men’s problems, including testosterone level, sexually transmitted infection, fertility and others. He can make a complex estimate of the state of your reproductive health.
  • A sexologist. You need the help of this specialist, if your erectile dysfunction has a psychogenic nature. He will help you to find out the reason of your repeated failures in bed and find the way to resolve the problem. He also has the right to prescribe drugs for ED treatment.

Rule 3. Follow the Instructions

A Terrible Diagnosis: What Should I Do if I Have Erectile Dysfunction!Keep in mind that you reproductive health is a very subtle sphere, where self-medication is inadmissible. If you want to get the best result, follow your doctor’s recommendations. Do not change the prescribe doses of drugs and take them exactly as recommended. This will increase your chances for a positive outcome.

Erectile dysfunction is definitely an unpleasant condition. But you can cope with it with the help of a competent health specialist. Cheer up and keep in mind than modern new-gen medicines allow for the treatment of even difficult cases of ED and even a complete impotence.

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