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The Arizona State Senate voted Wednesday to approve the legislation, which seeks to establish specific penalties that can be assessed to public service corporations in response to alleged or actual violations. A political group tied to Steyer, the Democratic donor, frantically lobbied state legislators in the run up to the vote. Members of the legislature then debated House Bill more broadly, often invoking the controversial ballot proposal connected to Steyer. The Arizona State Senate approved the legislation on a vote. It now heads to the Arizona State House.

Striker male escort arizona

Striker male escort arizona

Striker male escort arizona

Striker male escort arizona

Striker male escort arizona

Here is her report:. Members of the legislature then debated House Bill more broadly, often invoking the controversial ballot proposal connected to Steyer. Background: I was with Eastern Airlines over 25 years. Rather, it "necessarily assumed the continued possession by the states Striker male escort arizona the reserved power to deal with free residence, ingress and egress. Farley, a state senator, currently serves in the state legislature. Hundreds of citizens were tried, and most of them were deported and threatened with lynching if escorrt returned. Jennifa is safely home.

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Bravo to our Selfless Escorts.

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Bravo to our Selfless Escorts. Enjoy this pic left of our three escorts receiving 3 babies in Paris from 3 Air France escorts in the light blue vests. After helping with escorts for 48 children in December, our selfless teams are still making a difference for children on the most important and life-changing journey of their lives.

Below are a few pictures from escorts in ! Gressy is an adorable child. She was crying at the beginning but has calmed down, playing with her toys and painting for me. She learned my iPad pin by just watching me enter it once. I am worried about computer hacking in her future lol. Best regards, Jeannette. In the wake of human tragedy, like the recent terrorism in Paris, we are sometimes too afraid to act. However, it is the small acts of kindness and goodness, reflect the strength and hope of the human spirit.

Most of us are men and women of goodwill, it is time to sound our note of brotherhood and solidarity. The trip to escort little John Marc was scheduled just two days after the terrorism in Paris. The trip was almost cancelled, but Sara Rosado, from AA Miami Flt Service, decided to escort this boy despite the fear surrounding the destination. Here is her report:. The program has been headed by Margaret Whitehead who has worked as a full time volunteer since !

She ran a similar program for Eastern Airlines. She lost her husband of 48 years in December and has two daughters and three grandsons.

Here are pictures and bios of Margaret and the coordinating team:. Margaret Whitehead, Director. Not only have you truly helped so many children to have a better life, you are also the ones who have saved me this past year. Background: I was with Eastern Airlines over 25 years. While at Eastern, I also ran a program for several years that used airline employees to escort orphans primarily from Korea, Thailand, and Ecuador to their adoptive families throughout the US.

During this time I co-founded a large inter-country adoption agency that worked in Korea and several Central and South American countries. I have also served on the Board of Directors of Villa Hope, another inter-country adoption agency as well as the National Board of Healing the Children.

My volunteerism has always been focused on children in need throughout the world. My airline career started in when I joined American Airlines and continued for almost 35 years. Worth Airport. In I became a flight attendant. After the flight attendant strike, I returned to school and obtained my RN degree.

I continued to fly and worked in Hospice, College Health, and Pediatrics throughout the remainder of my career with AA. I retired from American in and retired from nursing in With my background in Reservations, International Travel and Pediatric Nursing, I felt it was a good fit and an excellent program to help children from around the world receive the needed medical care that is not available in their home countries.

I am always in awe at the amount of time that so many active and retired volunteers from American and other airlines donate to Airline Ambassadors Intl. They continually amaze me and I am so grateful to them for all they do! I started with AA in I started in RES then became an instructor.

There I taught outside companies that brought their classes to AA, like Sprint. I also worked at several city ticket offices. I retired in That was when I became involved with AAI. It has been a wonderful experience knowing that we are helping to change the lives of so many children. I have learned that you get so much more than you give and since we are all connected, it is only natural to want to help our fellow mankind.

We mourn the loss of one of our volunteer escorts — Joshua Moss, who died suddenly last week. The family asked that in his memory, donations be sent to Airline Ambassadors in lieu of flowers.

NW, Washington DC I know that I had not heard from him for a long time but had no idea he was ill. He is pictured escorting a 6 year old named Nikita from an orphanage in Kiev, Ukraine to receive treatment for a debilitating disease that had taken away the use of his legs. We are sincerely grateful for the amazing support American Airlines has provided for our work helping orphans and vulnerable children.

This support and the Miles for Kids in Need, allows us to provide loving escorts for children traveling to the U. This is one of our most unique programs for airline personnel. See below this touching letter from the coordinators of the program:. Our airline employee and retiree volunteers donate their time to help make life better for children from around the world as they accompany them to various cities throughout the U. American recognizes the importance of our volunteer service to these children and supports us every step of the way.

For this we are very, very grateful and, in fact could not continue without this support. Bravo to our Selfless Escorts Enjoy this pic left of our three escorts receiving 3 babies in Paris from 3 Air France escorts in the light blue vests.

The baby in the stroller is the one who became so sick on our flight from Paris to Chicago. She is still in the hospital in ORD but should be going to Ohio very soon. Below are pics pf little Ericka from Santo Domingo who is returning to her home and family from life saving heart surgery. He then took her home to SDQ. It is a group effort, but a life changing journey for the kids and volunteers alike! See article below published by AA in January.

Bravo to all of these amazing volunteers! Gressy is a Peruvian girl who was in New Jersey for facial surgery to correct some significant birth defects. Talk about going above and beyond…….. Many thanks to dear Jeanette and to all of our selfless escorts who do so much to help others. See below. This little boy was darling. He never cried, or fussed. We were very comfortable on the plane with an entire row to ourselves, so I made him a bed and he went to sleep the entire night on the way to Paris.

I woke him up to feed him breakfast before we landed. When we arrived we were given the VIP welcome with a police escort. That made everything so much easier! Even though there was much apprehension due to the tragic events in Pa ris, I think it was a good decision to go through with our plans. Wayne Lee My airline career started in when I joined American Airlines and continued for almost 35 years.

It was not an easy trip for our two escorts, especially Kim, who also had to make a connection with them in ORD. But the mission was accomplished and soon the kids will have their hearts repaired and we will return them to their families all healthy and happy. See picture on left with Kim Hart and her welcoming committee in Grand Rapids.

Notice the foster mom is holding Nestor and has a bottle of Gatorade, which Kim asked her to bring as he had been sick most of the flight and was so dehydrated! Eleven-year-old Muslim lives nearly 7, miles from The Villages.

As a volunteer for Airline Ambassadors International, Muslim is the most recent example of a child Lowry has helped by coordinating travel to the United States for life-changing medical care. Lowry recently worked to escort Muslim from his home in Baghdad to the Arizona chapter of Healing the Children in Phoenix, where a urological surgery was performed.

James resident said. Airline Ambassadors International works with organizations such as Healing the Children that provide medical treatment to underprivileged children. The Arizona chapter is one of the smaller chapters, bringing three children per year to the US for donated medical treatment, Mathews said. Airline Ambassadors also delivers humanitarian aid to orphanages, clinics, and remote communities, and advocates and educates on child protection and human trafficking awareness.

The organization helps kids get medical care that they otherwise never would have access to. Lowry learned about Airline Ambassadors International while working at American Airlines and decided to become a volunteer when she retired. Lowry has helped many children during the 10 years of volunteering, she said. Lowry has kept in touch with the girl, who is now 18 and said despite having multiple surgeries over the past 7 years, she soon will graduate high school in Indiana with a 3.

She lives with a host family there while undergoing treatment and is able to attend high school while she is in the US. When she returns home to China between surgeries, she is able to continue her studies online. Lowry is happy to be a part of an organization that can reach as far as China or Iraq, and anywhere in between.

Mathews agrees that being part of a program that does so much for so many is a wonderful feeling. He can be reached at matthew. The babies were brought from Abidjan to Paris by Aviation sans Frontieres escorts. The selfless service our escorts provide is an inspiration to the traveling public, as these little ones are on the most important journey of their lives. She was scared to leave her father, but will come back to be able to live a normal life, very soon.

Margaret Whitehead, Director of the Program is now coordinating for volunteers to escort over orphans from Ukraine and Latvia to stay with Host Families in the U.

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Striker male escort arizona

Striker male escort arizona

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The Bisbee Deportation was the illegal kidnapping and deportation of about 1, striking mine workers, their supporters, and citizen bystanders by 2, members of a deputized posse , who arrested these people beginning on July 12, The action was orchestrated by Phelps Dodge , the major mining company in the area, which provided lists of workers and others who were to be arrested in Bisbee, Arizona , to the Cochise County sheriff, Harry C.

The hour journey was through desert without food and with little water. Once unloaded, the deportees, most without money or transportation, were warned against returning to Bisbee.

As Phelps Dodge, in collusion with the sheriff, had closed down access to outside communications, it was some time before the story was reported.

The Governor of New Mexico, in consultation with President Woodrow Wilson , provided temporary housing for the deportees. A presidential mediation commission investigated the actions in November , and in its final report, described the deportation as "wholly illegal and without authority in law, either State or Federal.

In , the Phelps Dodge Corporation owned a number of copper and other mines in Arizona. Mining conditions in the region were difficult, and working conditions including mine safety, pay, and camp living conditions were extremely poor. Discrimination against Mexican American and immigrant workers by European-American supervisors was routine and extensive.

During the winter of —6, a successful if bitter four-month strike in the Clifton-Morenci district led to widespread discontent and unionization among miners in the state. Although Local counted more than 1, members, only about paid dues.

The town of Bisbee had about 8, citizens in Phelps Dodge was by far the largest company and employer in the area; it also owned the largest hotel in town, the hospital, the only department store, the town library, and the town newspaper, the Bisbee Daily Review. The company refused all the demands. IWW Local called a strike to begin on June 26, When the strike occurred as scheduled, not only the miners at Phelps Dodge, but also those at other mines walked out.

More than 3, miners—about 85 percent of all mine workers in Bisbee—went on strike. Although the strike was peaceful, local authorities immediately asked for federal troops to break the strike. Cochise County Sheriff Harry Wheeler set up his headquarters in Bisbee on the first day of the strike. He appointed former Arizona Governor George W. Hunt as a mediator. The president of Phelps Dodge at the time was Walter S.

He was the son of Dr. James Douglas , developer of the Copper Queen mine and a member of the board of directors of the Phelps Dodge Corporation. Douglas was a political opponent of Governor Hunt and had virulently attacked him for refusing, as governor, to send the state militia to suppress strikes in the mining industry. Douglas was also president of the American Mining Congress , an employer association. He had won office by vowing to break every union in every mine and restore the open shop.

Determined to keep Bisbee free of IWW influence, in , Douglas established a Citizens' Protective League, composed of business leaders and middle-class local residents. Douglas ordered his mine superintendents to remove the miners from the town, in what became known as the Jerome Deportation.

More than men were abducted by these vigilantes and held in the county jail with the cooperation of the Yavapai County sheriff. Later that day, 67 men were deported by train to Needles, California , and ordered not to return. The Jerome Deportation proved to be a test run for Phelps Dodge, which ordered the same plan, but larger in scale, in Bisbee. On July 11, , Sheriff Wheeler met with Phelps Dodge corporate executives to plan the deportation of striking miners.

Some 2, men from Bisbee and the nearby town of Douglas were recruited and deputized as a posse — one of the largest posses ever assembled. Phelps Dodge officials also met with executives of the El Paso and Southwestern Railroad , who agreed to provide rail transportation for any deportees. The morning of July 12, the Bisbee Daily Review carried a notice announcing that:. Each wore a white armband for identification, and carried a list of the men on strike.

Several men who owned local grocery stores were also arrested. In the process, the deputies took cash from the registers and all the goods they could carry.

They arrested many male citizens of the town, seemingly at random, and anyone who had voiced support for the strike or the IWW. Two men died: one was a deputy shot by a miner he had tried to arrest, and the other was the miner shot dead by three other deputies moments later. Sheriff Wheeler oversaw the march from a car outfitted with a loaded Marlin 7. At the baseball field, the arrestees were told that if they denounced the IWW and went back to work, they would be freed.

Only men who were not IWW members or organizers were given this choice. About men agreed to these terms, while the rest sang, jeered or shouted profanities. Although temperatures were in the mids Fahrenheit, [12] mids Celsius , no water had been provided to the men since the arrests began at dawn. Deputies manned two machine guns from nearby hilltops to guard the train, while another armed men patrolled the tracks.

During the Bisbee Deportation, Phelps Dodge executives seized control of the telegraph and telephones to prevent news of the arrests and expulsion from being reported. Company executives refused to let Western Union send wires out of town, and stopped Associated Press reporters from filing stories. With 1, penniless men in Hermanas, the Luna County sheriff worriedly wired the Governor of New Mexico for instructions.

Republican Governor Washington Ellsworth Lindsey said the men should be treated humanely and fed; he urgently contacted President Wilson and asked for assistance. Wilson ordered U. Army troops to escort the men to Columbus, New Mexico. The deportees were housed in tents originally intended for use by Mexican refugees, who had fled across the border to the United States to escape the Mexican Army's Pancho Villa Expedition.

The men were allowed to stay in the camp for two months until September 17, Based in a building owned by the copper companies, its representatives interrogated residents about their political beliefs with respect to unions and the war, determining who could work or obtain a draft deferment.

Sheriff Wheeler established guards at all entrances to Bisbee and Douglas. Anyone seeking to exit or enter the town over the next several months had to have a "passport" issued by Wheeler.

Any adult male in town who was not known to the sheriff's men was brought before a secret sheriff's kangaroo court. Hundreds of citizens were tried, and most of them were deported and threatened with lynching if they returned. Even long-time citizens of Bisbee were deported by this "court". When ordered to cease these activities by the Arizona Attorney General, Wheeler tried to explain his actions.

Asked what law supported his actions, he answered:. I have no statute that I had in mind. Perhaps everything that I did wasn't legal It became a question of 'Are you American, or are you not? These actions took place during a period in the early 20th century when attacks by anarchists and labor unrest and violence erupted in numerous American cities and industries. Many native-born Americans were worried about such actions, attributing the unrest to the high numbers of immigrants, rather than to the poor working conditions in many industries.

As a result, national press reaction to the Bisbee Deportation was muted. Although many newspapers carried stories about the event, most of them editorialized that the workers "must have" been violent, and therefore "gotten what they deserved", thus criminalizing the victims. Some major papers said that Sheriff Wheeler had gone too far, but declared that he should have imprisoned the miners rather than deported them. The men deported from Bisbee pleaded with President Wilson for protection and permission to return to their homes.

In October , Wilson appointed a commission of five individuals to investigate labor disputes in Arizona. They were led by Secretary of Labor William B. The commission heard testimony during the first five days of November On May 15, , the U. Department of Justice ordered the arrest of 21 Phelps Dodge executives, including some from the Calumet and Arizona Co. The arrestees included Walter S. A pre-trial motion by the defense led a federal district court to release the 21 men on the grounds that no federal laws had been violated.

Wheeler , U. Constitution did not empower the federal government to enforce the rights of the deportees. Rather, it "necessarily assumed the continued possession by the states of the reserved power to deal with free residence, ingress and egress. Arizona officials never initiated criminal proceedings in state court against those responsible for the deportation of workers and their lost wages and other losses.

Some workers filed civil suits, but in the first case the jury determined that the deportations represented good public policy and refused to grant relief. The Bisbee Deportations were later used by some proponents as an argument in favor of stronger laws against unpopular speech. Such laws would be justified as empowering the government to suppress disloyal speech and activity, and remove the need for citizens groups to take actions the government could not. During World War I, the federal government used the Sedition Act of to prosecute people for statements in opposition to the war.

At the end of the conflict, Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer and others advocated for a peacetime equivalent of the Sedition Act, using the Bisbee events as a justification. They claimed that the only reason the company representatives and local law enforcement had taken the law into their own hands was that the government lacked the power to suppress radical sentiment directly. If the government were armed with appropriate legislation and the threat of long prison terms, private citizens would not feel the need to act.

Writing in , Harvard Professor Zechariah Chafee mocked that view: "Doubtless some governmental action was required to protect pacifists and extreme radicals from mob violence, but incarceration for a period of twenty years seems a very queer kind of protection.

The later history of American deportations of alleged radicals and other undesirables from the country did not follow the precedent of Bisbee and Jerome, which were considered vigilante actions by private citizens. Instead, later deportations were authorized by law and executed by government agents. These actions were criticized by contemporaries at the time on the basis of public policy and the US Constitution, as well as extensively by later analysts.

Each case has involved discriminatory actions against ethnic minorities and sometimes immigrants. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bisbee Deportation Striking miners and others being deported from Bisbee on the morning of July 12,

Striker male escort arizona

Striker male escort arizona

Striker male escort arizona