Suzie orman virgin-Suze Orman, one of TV’s greatest gay icons, is going off the air :-/

Orman says she "has a relationship with life," so Solomon presses her, and Suze then reveals that her "life partner" is Kathy Travis and, "We're going on seven years. I have never been with a man in my whole life. I'm still a year-old virgin. Read more on Editor and Publisher. News U.

Suzie orman virgin

Suzie orman virgin

Suzie orman virgin

I buy zero-coupon municipal bonds, and all the bonds I buy are triple-A-rated and Suzie orman virgin so that even if the city goes under, I get my money. But George Bush has kids. Newhouse told me way back when. About a million copies of this latest volume are in print, and more than two million have been downloaded, according to her publisher. Orman, despite repeated attempts to reach her, was on a book tour and could not be contacted for a response. You are already subscribed to this email. Search form. Holy shit I love Suze. Their reason for asking ormna two-fold: First, it's no Kamasutra p that I'm not a big Orman fan.

Respectable sex. MORE IN LIFE

Orange County, California. InOrman introduced the Approved prepaid debit cardwhich was backed by Bancorp Bank. Random House, Inc. Later, Orman trained as an account executive for Merrill Lynchwhere she ormzn that the Chicks dildos hot of investment her broker had put her in was not suitable for her needs, as option trading is considered a high-risk but high-reward investment suitable only for high net worth individuals. Army Announces Partnership with Suze Oeman. Shandy 2. I was too into her financial advice to even think about her personal life. Retrieved May 19, The Times-Picayune. InSuze Suzie orman virgin serving as a Special Advocate for the National Domestic Violence Hotlineto help spread awareness regarding financial abuse.

She won her first daytime Emmy in , the same year as Ellen DeGeneres.

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  • In , she founded the Suze Orman Financial Group.
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Though Suze Orman proclaims her whole life "fabulous," her early years bore little resemblance to the world she inhabits now. In Berkeley, Calif. After that, she borrowed money with the hope of starting her own restaurant, but she quickly lost every cent of the loan by investing it in stock options.

At that point, it would have been hard to predict the career that has followed: a stint as a Merrill Lynch account executive; a vice presidential slot at Prudential Bache Securities; the launch of her own financial-planning firm; and then a rapid rise to become probably America's best-known financial adviser-the "Money Lady," as her fans call her.

About a million copies of this latest volume are in print, and more than two million have been downloaded, according to her publisher. In , Business Week named her the top female motivational speaker in the U. Though she had begun taping at a.

She just tells you what she thinks—and in no uncertain terms. You've said your greatest pleasure is flying privately. It most certainly is. On a business level, time is money. Everybody made a big deal about the car executives flying private to Washington, but give me a break. We're in the middle of a meltdown. Every second matters. Millions of jobs are on the line. Could they have gone on one private plane?

But the fact that they drove [on their second trip] was the most ridiculous waste of time and money I ever heard of. What does flying privately do for you? It's efficiency, first; health, second; pleasure, third. When you take a commercial flight, it's either late, been postponed or whatever.

Years ago I had the luxury to say, "All right, I missed a plane. I have to fly in, fly out, be in another place the next day. The only way to do that is on a private plane. Also, the chances are very great [on an airliner] that some kid's gonna sneeze on me and then I get sick. I cannot afford to be down one day. If I am, it's millions of dollars on some level somewhere.

I cannot afford to not have the makeup and the things that it takes as a woman to be presentable the next day, and half those things you can't take as a carryon now. And I checked my bags too many times and didn't have a suitcase when I arrived. So then what do I do? Do you remember when you first flew privately?

You betcha-Dec. It was on Sy Newhouse's [chartered] plane. I got a call saying, "Would you like to fly on Mr. Newhouse's plane with him? Are you using charter exclusively now? Only when I'm doing business. And when I fly cross-country, I fly Virgin America. When you charter, I understand it's always the same model. A Hawker XP, because I can control my heat from my seat.

All the other planes, you have to say, "Excuse me, can you raise it? Can you lower it? I heard you were thinking of moving up to full ownership. I was when I traveled more. But I'm flying privately only hours a year now, if that. You have to fly over hours for owning to make sense-which, by the way, Mr. Newhouse told me way back when. Why do you charter? I think they're rip-offs. Oh, give me a break: They charge you round-trips even if you're going one way.

I would not own a fractional share if my life depended on it. Let's talk about investing. I've heard you advocate dollar-cost averaging, but I've also heard you suggest selling after small declines and buying on the rise.

That sounds as if you're telling people to try to time the market. Here's the thing: I can say dollar-cost average until I'm blue in the face, but unless they're forced to dollar-cost average via a k, how many people do it?

And since they don't, I have to give them another guideline. If you buy something that goes down 8 percent and you are not going to dollar-cost average for 10 years or more, you need to get out. When you talk to callers on your show, it often sounds as if you're blaming them for managing their money irresponsibly, which obviously some people do. But in most cases where people have really serious money problems, aren't the factors involved beyond their control-like a major illness, a spouse's death or a job loss?

It is true that the number-one cause of bankruptcy in the U. It is also true that people made the choice not to have medical insurance because something else might be more important. So they created the situation they are in. A lot of people have chosen to get rid of their health insurance to pay their credit card debt so they can continue to charge things they don't need.

A lot of what you say suggests that you think people have emotional roadblocks to wealth. But isn't it true that if you're in a low-paid profession, such as teaching, or you don't have much education and work in a grocery store, you won't get rich no matter what your attitude or how responsible you are with money?

You're never going to be rich in the way you're defining rich. But will they live a rich life, meaning they don't have to worry about not being able to retire one day and not being able to live the life that they want?

They most certainly will. That's because people who make less spend less. They actually have more disposable income than people who are making a serious sum of money and feel they have to show everybody how much they have.

No, but it's possible you work for a grocery store that gives you health insurance. Anything is possible. In your New York Times Magazine interview in , the shocker to me was that you had only 4 percent of your money in stocks and the rest in general obligation municipal bonds.

I begged everybody to do what I was doing. On my bond portfolio, I am up 20 percent since last year. In this very unusual time, it looks like a brilliant move, but It was a brilliant move back then when I was locking in high interest rates and I knew this was going to happen.

Do you think that applies to you? I live very frugally. One would look at my real estate holdings and think, "She's very flamboyant. When the economy is down, you want to own real estate that people will buy no matter what. The Plaza Hotel [in New York, where Orman owns an apartment] is a place where people will buy no matter what.

What financial mistakes do you see among people in that demographic group? It can be summed up in one word: [Bernie] Madoff.

Or two words: financial advisers. Or three words: not taking responsibility. How do you think so many sophisticated people got sucked in by Madoff? How many wealthy people have financial advisers who don't really care, aren't as smart as they say they are and invested your readers' money with Madoff? Spielberg probably had an adviser who got him involved with Madoff.

The financial advisers who did that to their clients should have their licenses stripped from them. They're trusting some financial adviser who's probably an idiot.

That's why we say on The Suze Orman Show, "If you want to find the best financial adviser in the world, look in the mirror. What was your childhood like? But I understand there was a lot of financial struggle. My father and mother didn't have money. My father had one failure after another.

He got caught in a fire. He got emphysema. My mother was an Avon rep to help get the family through, along with being a legal secretary. But it was fabulous and I'll tell you why: because those hardships made me who I am and if every one of those things hadn't happened to me when I was younger, I would not be as fabulous as I am to this day.

February 7, Views Read Edit View history. San Francisco Chronicle. In , she founded the Suze Orman Financial Group. Bahamas primary , Florida. All times are GMT

Suzie orman virgin

Suzie orman virgin. (800) 713-1966

Really, I never got that vibe from her, but I always wondered if she was married. Big Up to Suze, one of my idols in the world of finance, she is on point, unlike the rest of criminals in this field. Girly boy why do you get such a kick out of dissing women? You act like a angry racist white new york cop. Shandy 2. I was too into her financial advice to even think about her personal life.

Who cares if she came out. Rhetorical question. Originally Posted by Shandy 2. Bake n Shark. I love her Originally Posted by socapineman. I've learned a lot from Suze. Last edited by Chillybebee; at AM. News is from Sooooo who gives a rat's tit? After finishing school, Orman moved to Berkeley, California , where she worked as a waitress. As an investment novice, she invested that money through a representative at Merrill Lynch , who promptly lost her entire investment in trading options.

Later, Orman trained as an account executive for Merrill Lynch , where she learned that the type of investment her broker had put her in was not suitable for her needs, as option trading is considered a high-risk but high-reward investment suitable only for high net worth individuals.

It was explained to her that because her broker was the highest producing representative in the office, his actions went unchecked. After completing her training with Merrill Lynch, she remained at the firm until , when she left to become a vice president of investments at Prudential Bache Securities.

Orman wrote a financial advice column for O, The Oprah Magazine. Telepictures Productions. In , Suze began serving as a Special Advocate for the National Domestic Violence Hotline , to help spread awareness regarding financial abuse.

In , Orman introduced the Approved prepaid debit card , which was backed by Bancorp Bank. The card generated a great deal of controversy for its hidden fees and vague promise of contributing to a FICO score. The Approved card's features included credit reports and credit scores from TransUnion , as well as credit monitoring and identity theft protection. TransUnion also agreed to "examine data from Approved cards", which was unusual for prepaid debit cards, but did not factor the card's usage into the cardholders' FICO scores.

In July , the Approved card was discontinued. The Creative Service for the Public Good, a self described citizen journalism group, created and published a critical expose documentary on Orman. In February , Orman stated that she is a lesbian. In , Orman donated money to the Democratic Party. Orman is also creator of a number of non-book products, primarily CD-ROM-based services that offer education and various financial services usually in conjunction with her books and writings.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Suze Orman. Chicago, Illinois , U. Financial advisor author television personality motivational speaker podcaster businesswoman investor.

Kathy Travis m. Retrieved 24 February The Jewish Daily Forward. The Forward Association, Inc. The Suze Orman Show. February 7, The New York Times. Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine. The Jewish Journal. Retrieved Chicago Reader. Jewish Woman. Jewish Women International Fall

Questions for Suze Orman - She's So Money - Deborah Soloman - The New York Times

February 23rd, , pm. Orman says she "has a relationship with life," so Solomon presses her, and Suze then reveals that her "life partner" is Kathy Travis and, "We're going on seven years. I have never been with a man in my whole life. I'm still a year-old virgin. It's killing me that upon my death, K.

Or vice versa. Reply Thread Link. Maybe she just means she's a virgin when it comes to "Penatrative sex with a penis". Seriously, lay off, I don't think she means to perpetuate that Lesbian sex doesn't count. Society has a pretty heterosexist view of what virginity means. What do you mean she didn't mean to perpetuate that lesbian sex doesn't count? It's not like we read this and think she was talking about cookie recipies.

When you say you're a virgin after having your vagina licked and undoubtedly penetrated with numerous objects for 7 years, you're pretty much fucking saying just that. Reply Parent Thread Link. She was probably just making an off-the-cuff statement that she thought would be funny. Look, she's Think about it, she was born in the fifties, where women didn't touch either other and it was okay to have characters on tv called "the beaver". She was probably brought up to think just that, sex isn't sex until with it's a man, so when I meant she didn't mean to perpetuate, I mean just that.

She's not going out of her way to invalidate lesbian relationships or sex. She comes from a different era and a different point of view. She came out for fucks sake and she didn't it in a very nonchalant way, like big deal? So it's just weird that people are focussing on that one thing rather than seeing that it was pretty brave of her to come out.

Just my opinion. Reply Parent Thread Expand Link. Maybe she means she is attracted to woman making her a lesbian but has not had sex, period either with a male or female?

My dad used to always say he thought she was a lesbian because she was always super critical of women who didn't support themselves financially. And her advice always slanted towards "your man is going to leave you for a teenaged hooker so you best have your financials in check" But I've always liked her.

Women need to learn how to be financially independent and responsible. You don't want to have to stay with a fucker because you have no money or education. I love that she's always harping on women to be more financially independent. My mother is always saying the same thing My mom has one of those but she calls it her "That fucker finally pissed me off enough to go crazy and move to Vegas for a year" fund. You need to take care of yourself and not be dependent upon what someone else can provide for you.

Besides, I like when Suze tells dipshits to get a clue. OMG, I wonder if my Mom knows this. She's got like 5 of her books or something. She's always telling me this or that about credit and whatever, and I ask her if she learned it from Susie Ottoman. Then she tells me to stop calling her that. I'll have to call her tonight and tell her about this.

Holy shit I love Suze. So refreshing to see a post about a contributing member of society. That's a big contribution for me. Re: Keepin' It Chaste armyofjulie. But George Bush has kids. I really don't think he could have got around that obstacle without a little nookie. Re: Keepin' It Chaste palmettohaven. Re: Keepin' It Chaste misscherryhut. Re: Keepin' It Chaste tupeloteendream. Re: Keepin' It Chaste ginalin. Wishful thinking. Dubya has spawned! And the world mourns.

That story made me LOL and reminded me of my high school home ec teacher who wore clothes she made herself that she thought were awesome but actually hideous. I'm pretty sure my pre-cal teacher was a virgin. She was uber-christian and said she'd never been married.

I haven't thought about her in years, but I'm pretty sure now she was one of those "cured by Christ" closet lesbians. I mean, yay them and all, but they prob shouldn't be teaching sex ed. Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook VKontakte Google.

Suzie orman virgin

Suzie orman virgin