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View Full Version : Kit and Tan. Dragonlance Forums. Hi there, first of all pardon my English as it is not my mother tongue :spin: I have a question regarding Kitiara's motivation for letting Tanis and Laurana escape at the end of Dragons of Spring Dawning. Does she, when she tells him to go, finally admit her feelings for him? In other words: Does she love him?

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Kitiara naked

Kitiara naked

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So one might think that this would make for an overabundance of scantily-clad chicks running populating the game itself.

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  • So one might think that this would make for an overabundance of scantily-clad chicks running populating the game itself.
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View Full Version : Kit and Tan. Dragonlance Forums. Hi there, first of all pardon my English as it is not my mother tongue :spin: I have a question regarding Kitiara's motivation for letting Tanis and Laurana escape at the end of Dragons of Spring Dawning.

Does she, when she tells him to go, finally admit her feelings for him? In other words: Does she love him? Or is she simply lying and playing with him as, shortly after, she says to Soth that her last words would poison Tanis' relationship with Laurana forever. I just finished reading the book and throughout the last two books there's been so much back and forth regarding Kit's and Tanis' relationship that I got a bit confused.

I know it's all open to interpretation but I'm curious. I wouldn't say she loves Tanis, but she does want to possess him and to best Laurana. So I think Kitiara's actions there were motivated by her pride.

Kitiara is a highly competitive person who more than anything really, really hates to lose. If she doesn't let Tanis and Laurana escape then Lord Soth will kill Tanis, which means Tanis's last action will be him sacrificing himself to protect Laurana. That represents total, irreversible defeat for Kitiara. Yes Laurana will die moments later, but to Kitiara's mind Laurana will still have won since Tanis's last act was to chose her over Kitiara, and since Tanis is now dead Kit has no way to ever undo that.

Kitiara's pride could never take such a permanent major defeat. Conversely if Kitiara lets Tanis and Laurana escape then she can rationalize that this isn't a lasting defeat but rather just a temporary setback. Tanis is still alive which means the struggle for him will continue, and Kitiara can still try to win him back at some future date. Indeed Kitiara believed the very act of letting Tanis and Laurana escape would insure Tanis continued to have deep feelings for her.

And as we'll see He was majorly affected by her actions in the temple, so much so that even after he married Laurana, he was still mooning over Kitiara two years later even when on the brink of going into battle against her. So Kitiara's gambit clearly succeeded in keeping her in serious contention for Tanis's heart. And indeed it is entirely possible that if Kitiara had not been killed in the Battle of Palanthas then she would have succeeded in seducing Tanis at some future date.

So basically since Kitiara's pride demanded that Tanis be hers and that she get the best of Laurana, Kit went with the option that gave her the chance for long term success even if it meant stomaching a short term defeat. When Tanis, for example, wants to trade himself in for Laurana, Kit mocks him and laughs at him. Her laughter is, however, described as sounding somewhat forced and artificial. Especially later, when Soth remarks that Tanis is still her master - after Kit let them escape - it sounds as if she doesn't want to lose her face and show any "weaknesses" before him and therefore tries to justify her actions by stating her words would poison Tan's and Laurana's love forever, thus completing her revenge.

It indeed seems as if she constantly fears showing any weaknesses and that she's on a constant power trip, trying hard not to be beaten by anyone. But her words to Tanis in Flotsam and right after Tanis kills Ariakas, for example, seem like spontaneous outbursts of emotion, revealing her actual feelings for the half-elf. But that super-ambition and the constant drive of always having to win are definitely good points.

And she's definitely somewhat obsessed with her desire to completely own the man. Really gotta read through the books again. In the Annotated Chronicles, I remember the authors at least believe that Kitiara is deluding herself with her poisoning their relationship.

How we the reader decide to interpret is up to us. I haven't read the Annotated Chronicles yet. So that would speak for the fact that she actually has feelings? Only one way to find out Tanis's devotion to Laurana, from this moment on, is one of singular fidelity.

She may comfort herself with this lie, but it is a lie nevertheless- TRH So that is about that that. So that is about that that. The counter-argument would be that Tanis' behavior in Legends doesn't align with that statement by Tracy, and I think there's some merit to it.

I don't know if Tanis finally cuts the cord until that last bit in Test, and even in "Kitiara's Son", he's got some lingering fondness and a touch of disappointment. Maybe, but on the other hand earlier in that same book Kit had no problem with chasing Tanis right into apparent certain death in the Maelstrom and then in Neraka when Lord Soth points out to her that her plan to make Tanis watch as she destroys Laurana will end up destroying him, she seemed remarkable blase about the prospect of Tanis dying.

As such I have a hard time believing Kit had any actual love for Tanis. She only really valued him as a trophy. As for the scene you refer to, remember Kitiara was actively lying to Tanis throughout that conversation, so that could have just been an act from her to further manipulate Tanis. And since Tanis wants to believe that Kitiara does love him, it isn't surprising he would fall for such manipulations.

There problem is something to that, but I think Kitiara did sincerely believed she was poisoning Tanis and Laurana's relationship there as well. Remember, Kitiara actually had the chance to have Tanis be hers and rejected his offer because she thought Tanis would be worthless to her if he was still thinking about Laurana.

It thus makes sense Kitiara would believe in the reverse as well: that Tanis would be worthless to Laurana so long as he was still thinking about her. But like Matthew points out that statement is rather hard to reconcile with Tanis's actual actions in Legends. The mere fact that Tanis continues to fantasize about the women he knows kidnapped his wife, set her up to be raped, probably tortured her it isn't definitievly confirmed that Laurana was tortured while a prisoner in Neraka but it is strongly implied in several places , nearly caused her to suffocate to death, and then tried to grant her soul to a death knight, doesn't exactly scream devotion to Laurana.

And if Tanis was truly devoted to Laurana with a singular fidelity then he never would have considered throwing away his life to protect Kitiara. That Kitiara came within an inch of talking Tanis into sacrificing himself for her shows just how much power she still had over him even at that late date. Yeah it was clear that while I don't think they violated her directly, that was because they all knew she was to be presented to Takhisis herself. Despite the level of contempt shown for Takhisis not only by just about everything in the DL Universe later and even by the authors, back when they were written, Takhisis was as high and mighty as they could be, and if she wanted someone brought to her in as mint-condition as possible, everyone including Soth, Ariakas, Kitiara, and everyone DragonArmy related will fall over themselves to meet her whims.

She certainly was mentally tortured, forced to listen to and perhaps watch what they were going to do to her once Takhisis gave the go-ahead. The books are clear there were some harsh things going on in the Temple, things that Kitiara brags about watching for entertainment purposes.

And it was confirmed that there were live sacrifices to Takhisis as well. She knew Bakaris hated Laurana and was likely to violently seek revenge against her and yet still insisted on him being released under circumstances where he would have the perfect opportunity to harm Laurana and then did not give Gakhan any instructions on what to do if Bakaris did try and seek his own private revenge.

Likewise Lord Soth was obviously following them after they left Kalaman seeing how he showed up mere moments after Bakaris was killed, and yet Soth did not interfere earlier when Bakaris dragged Laurana off into the cave with obvious malicious intent, which suggests he was under orders from Kitiara to let Bakaris do whatever he wanted to Laurana and only intervene if it looked like she was going to escape.

Soth obviously had the power to stop Bakaris, and, given that he wanted Laurana's soul for himself, he also had a direct interest in making sure she was not killed yet, so for him to do nothing while she was in very real danger of being killed by Bakaris suggests that Soth was under direct orders from Kitiara. That Kitiara gave Bakaris such a free hand to do whatever he wanted to Laurana suggests that Kitiara was at best indifferent to Laurana getting raped and probably wanted it to happen even though letting Bakaris rape Laurana obviously means a serious risk that he will end up killing her.

As it was Laurana very nearly suffocated while wrapped up in the winding cloth, so if Ariakas had taken just a little bit longer before entering the Council chambers, or if Takhisis had decided to take care of other business before having Laurana brought before her, or if Laurana had simply panicked due to being unable to move, see, or breathe, and started hyperventilating then she probably would have suffocated.

Thus Kitiara ran a very real risk of killing Laurana there simply so she could present Laurana to Takhisis in the most degrading way possible. Laurana makes a statement in Dragons of a Fallen Sun that I think confirms that she was not just mentally tortured but also physically tortured while a prisoner.

In the 's, when the DL were written, I don't think based on those times, they could have shown sexual abuse as it would have been too controversial for what TSR was facing. That said, I recall reading something about how they wanted her unspoiled or something like that, up to a point. I recall Ariakas wanted Laurana after Kitiara had captured her, but Kitiara chimed in that Takhisis had already claimed her Ariakas as I recall recoiled at that, thinking of what would be left of her.

And there was something else later, where Kitiara assured Tanis that Laurana had not been hurt yet, that Takhisis wanted her at full strength before she claimed her or something like that. So I don't believe she was physically or sexually abused during her captivity. And I recall in the moments that Laurana was being presented to Takhisis, that she had been tormented with the tales of the Death Chambers and how she had heard them screams and soon would be joining them.

She was trying to seduce Tanis over to her during their conversations in Neraka, so she was hardly going to admit to having Laurana tortured or raped. Also, pain implies physical torture, but that's only implication, not fact. Pain could mean physical torture, but it could also mean mental anguish. So, her direct testimony should be considered possibly imperfect, or exaggerated to produce an effect on people. I've got to say, I think the author intended that she was tortured mentally, but not physically.

Afterall, we don't read about scars from physical torture. I don't see anything about broken fingers, limbs or toes.

There's no mention of cuts. No mentions of bruising. But then, waterboarding doesn't leave any scars. However, I'll admit, injuries don't really matter in a world with magical healing. Afterall, I could break someone's fingers, ask the local evil cleric to heal my victim's limbs, and start snapping fingers all over again.

So Laurana could have been ruthlessly tortured, healed and re-tortured. True but in the same sentence Laurana also described being shut alone in the darkness in fear. I would think fear would cover mental anguish, so if she references both pain and fear that suggests she suffered both physical and mental torment. Maybe, though these same authors subjected her character to a rape attempt and to nearly being suffocated to death, so they weren't exactly treating her physically gently in this part of the story.

Between magical healing, the myriad ways to abuse someone without leaving any lasting visible physical injuries on them, or just the possibility that her wounds are in places that we never get to see i. I'll have to reread it then to confirm these but I don't recall there being any noted signs of physical abuse of Laurana when she got free of that cocoon that they were keeping her in. And that the description of what she had been forced to listen to was being told either by the narrator or by Laurana's inner thoughts I think.

And as already mentioned the lack of visible injuries could also be explained by magical healing, or by Laurana being physically or sexually abused in a manner that would not leave any visible injuries. Now she knows where she is and what is about to befall her. What stories they must have told her, down in those dungeons below the Temple. Tormenting her with tales of the Death Chambers of the Queen of Darkness.

She had probably been able to hear the screams of others, Tanis guessed, feeling his soul ache at her obvious terror. She had listened to their screams in the night, and now, within hours, maybe minutes, she would join them. Just reread the chapters in question. Some of what I said I am finding, some of it I need to go back, as I think there were more said when Tanis first fell into Kitiara's clutches in Neraka when he and Caramon are trying to get thru that checkpoint.

Kitiara naked

Kitiara naked